Where do I start?

Where do I start?

All of our creative activities are designed with wellbeing in mind. But wellbeing encompasses a great many things. The activities are tailored to meet different aspects of wellbeing, so some may benefit you more than others. 

There are 4 ways you can navigate around the Start2 resource:

  1. You can browse through the Start2 resource at your leisure
  2.  Search by Subject
  3. We highly recommend that you use our Wellbeing Thermometer. This will direct you around the Start2 resource helping you to choose the creative wellbeing activity to best suit you. The Wellbeing Thermometer allows you to log, measure and understand your own patterns of wellbeing.  You need to be registered to use the Wellbeing Thermometer. Both registration and The Wellbeing Thermometer are quick, easy and completely private
  4. Click on the button to the right with the statement that suits you. You'll be given a list of activities which will benefit you according to what is written on the button


You can bookmark your favourite activities to come back to at any time by simply clicking one the 'Save this exercise to your favourites' button found in the 'What next?' page at the end of every activity.  You can then go back to your favourite activities in your private Ownzone.


Look out for the 'P' icon on the blue navigation bar on the left-hand side. This shows that that particular step in the instructions is a hands-on 'Practical' stage. The 'I' icon stands for 'Information.'


We hope you enjoy using the Start2 resource. We'd love to hear how Start2 benefits you, so do let us know.







I would like to feel more optimistic I would like to feel more useful I would like to feel more relaxed I would like to be better at dealing with problems I would like to be thinking more clearly I would like to feel closer to other people I would like to be better at making up my own mind about things