Where do I start?

I would like to be better at making up my own mind about things

Feeling confident in your decisions, giving yourself permission to be ‘fussy’ with your choices, knowing what you like and dislike, and knowing that your opinion counts, are all qualities and skills which can be developed.


The following creative courses and exercises are a good starting point for you try:


Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing
Ten-minute Walk – Photography
Exploring Words – Collage
Draw a Scene
Draw a Leaf or Flower
Draw an Object
Visiting a Gallery
Stitch a Bird on Paper
Paint a Simple Landscape
Table Top Landscapes - Photography
My Secret Space – Creative Writing
Sculpted Poetry and Triolets
Free Writing
Imaginary Lives

It’s ideal before doing any of the creative exercises, that you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer (a short series of questions designed to help you measure and chart your wellbeing). Each time you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer, you will be guided to exercises that might be of specific interest and benefit to you.