Where do I start?

I would like to be thinking more clearly

Improved concentration, energised, alert, interested and curious, upbeat and positive are just some of the benefits of thinking more clearly.

The following creative courses and exercises are a good starting point for you try:

Create a Paper Crafted Daisy
Doodling – Drawing
Make Marks to Music – Drawing
Draw a Scene
Draw a Leaf or Flower
Draw an Object
Paint a Simple Landscape
Stitch Doodles on Fabric
Visiting a Gallery
Photographic Scavenger Hunt
Stitch a Bird on Paper
Yes I Did It!
Four of a Kind – Collage
Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing
Haiku - Creative Writing
My Secret Space – Creative Writing
Free Writing

Word Association

Imaginary Lives - Creative Writing

It’s ideal before doing any of the creative exercises, that you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer (a short series of questions designed to help you measure and chart your wellbeing). Each time you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer, you will be guided to exercises that might be of specific interest and benefit to you.