Strengthen Your Thinking - Stitch a Bird on Paper

Create cheerful birds using the templates provided. Develop your decision making skills using your own choice of paper or thin card and sewing threads, to stitch a jolly blackbird, a soaring swift, or an eye-catching owl.

Wellbeing benefits:

Think clearly
Build concentration
Improve decision making

Examples of how this activity can help me:

I want to be able to focus on a task better, without getting distracted.


30-40 minutes +

Who can I do this activity with?

on my own or with others. Stitching is a highly portable technique and is socially very acceptable to pursue even when in company.

Where can I do this activity?

At home or in a local cafe.

How often can I do this activity?

Use this activity to relax and build concentration, as well as creating unique samples to use on cards or window mounted as a gift.

What do I need?

  • Stitch sheets
  • Paper or thin card
  • Sewing threads
  • Scissors
  • Padding - towel or face cloth
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape - low tack (low tack means it’s not very sticky, and won’t tear the paper when it’s removed) or Scotch Magic tape
  • Needle to punch holes: a long darning needle, a pin with a large bobble head, a hat pin, a large open safety pin, a push pin, or compasses
  • Beads - Optional - When using beads first check the needle and thread will easily pass through the centre of the bead

Did you know?

Doing creative activity can help us concentrate more easily.  Focusing on a creative task helps us to focus on positive thoughts and enables us to stay in the present moment.

"Having the steps broken down made making choices easier."

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