Where do I start?

I would like to feel more useful

Having a sense of purpose, accomplishment, achievement, being resourceful and connecting to others, are all positive aspects of feeling useful.

The following creative courses and exercises are a good starting point for you try:


Stitch Memory Journal 

Three Things I Did Well Today
Draw an Object
Tools and Techniques - Drawing
Autumn Shapes – Be Active
Express an Idea – Collage
Portrait of You – Collage
Four of a Kind – Collage
Wondrous Words – Collage
A Recipe for a Good Mood Collage
Exploring Words – Collage
Travel Journal – Collage

Create a Paper Crafted Daisy
Notice What You Like Part 2
Taking Rubbings
Table Top Landscapes - Photography

It’s ideal before doing any of the creative exercises, that you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer (a short series of questions designed to help you measure and chart your wellbeing). Each time you complete the Wellbeing Thermometer, you will be guided to exercises that might be of specific interest and benefit to you.