The benefits of registering to Start2:

Register to the Start2 resource so gain access to all of our fantastic interactive tools to help to manage your wellbeing.



  1. Allows you to download and print our activities to do away from the computer, on your own or with others. Downloads are found on the front page of every activity and on the download page

  2. Gives you access to your own private Ownzone, where you can:
  • Set personal goals and log your progress, print for your own records and/or share with others
  • Input positive comments, mantras, jokes, words etc into your own private bottle of happiness - this will select at random from your bank of 'happy thoughts' each time you log in and use your Ownzone
  • Measure, log and track your own patterns of wellbeing using our Wellbeing Thermometer and the Wellbeing Temperature Map. Print off for your records and/or to share with others
  • Save and look back on Reflective Diary entries, which we encourage you to complete after each activity. This allows you to remind yourself of what you've enjoyed and what benefits you've felt having done the activity
  • Bookmark favourite activities so that you can go back to them easily and quickly again and again
  • Save and share your Media Album slideshow
  • Save and share your Recipe For a Good Mood animations
  • Manage your uploaded images, allowing you to upload to galleries and competitions

Registration is quick, easy and all your information is completely anonymous and confidential. We will never share your information with anyone, and your details will never be connected to your name and email address.

By registering, you help us to gather information about how Start2 is being used. This will help us improve what we offer to you, and support continued funding for this free NHS service. To find out more please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Register to Start2 top on your wellbeing today.

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