Start2 Image Galleries

Our Virtual Galleries have creative activities attached to them to inspire you.

Use art to boost mood and maintain wellbeing.
 Learn new ways of looking at art. Build confidence with talking about art.  Explore artworks from Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester artists Liam Spencer and David Coulter. Gain insight into the artwork through the curator talks and the information labels available. 

Who am I? Part 1 and 2 - Creative Writing

Have you ever wondered how authors come upwith stories? Learn how to develop characters and create stories using artworks as a starting point. In the following exercises we will show you some techniques for creating characters and stories inspired by paintings of people. 


Autumn Leaves - Creative Writing

Explore the seasons and your imagination with these art and poetry appreciation activities.
Discover how to use artwork as an inspiration for your creative writing. 
Build confidence in your writing skills by giving your brain a welcomed workout as you develop simple descriptive words to a short poem or piece of writing. Click here.

Use Your Head

We all need to get away from it all from time to time, breathe fresh air, focus on the horizon with our eyes, feel the sun on our skin... But how do we do that during a busy day, or at times when we simply can’t get out into nature for a stroll?
 Easy: we can use our imagination. Try this positive thinking activity to escape to the country.



Visiting a Gallery 

Almost all places have a gallery. When was the last time you went to one? Going to an art gallery can be a great thing to do to lift your spirits. Galleries are often free, so anyone can go in. 
Look at artwork in different ways. Find out more about yourself and your opinions. Build your confidence in talking about artwork. This activity is great to do with others.  

Wellbeing in Art Tour

Discover Manchester Art Gallery collections with this positive thinking art appreciation tour.  Paintings on this trail have been chosen for the positive thoughts and feelings they evoke. Follow the trail, view the paintings and reflect on the related questions.