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Who am I? Part 1 and 2 

Have you ever wondered how authors come up with stories? Learn how to develop characters and create stories using artworks as a starting point. In the following exercises we will show you some techniques for creating characters and stories inspired by paintings of people. Click here.

Imaginary Lives

It’s easy to look at an object but how much do we really notice about it. In these exercises we’ll explore natural objects from unusual points of view. You’ll be able to hear what curators say, as well as to think yourself into the character of the object its self. Click here.

Write Your Recipe For a Good Mood

What would be your ideal day? What puts you in a good mood? What makes you smile as you walk down the street? Explore our Recipe For a Good Mood creative writing activity designed to help you celebrate the things that cheer and relax you. Click here.

What is Beauty?

Create a poem about what you think beauty is and what it means to you. Concentrate on the positive things in your life and the world around you. Expand your thoughts and create images. Practice translating abstract ideas into concrete details. Click here.

My Secret Space

Unwind and get away from it all in this relaxing positive thinking activity. Build up a picture of an imaginary secret place to go to in your mind to ease life’s daily stresses. Click here.

Autumn Leaves

Explore the seasons and your imagination with these art and poetry appreciation activities.

Discover how to use artwork as an inspiration for your creative writing.  Build confidence in your writing skills by giving your brain a welcomed workout as you develop simple descriptive words to a short poem or piece of writing. Click here.


Notice your surroundings in a new and inspirational way.  Focus on the present moment and the positive aspects of your life.  Feel connected to the world through your senses. Click here.

Flower Acrostic Poems

Create short, inventive pieces of writing using acrostics. This enjoyable and simple way of writing gives our brains a gentle stretch, encouraging us to think differently. Click here.

Sculpted Poems and Triolets

Use existing texts and writing in a creative and playful way. Learn new techniques and gain confidence in writing poetry. Play with language and stretch your imagination. Practise key skills of editing and revision to better your writing. Click here.

Free Writing

Stimulate creative energy and warm up your brain with this positive thinking creative writing activity. Click here.

Word Association

Stretch your imagination and warm up your brain with this simple and enjoyable creative writing activity. Click here.