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2015 / July

Happy birthday to us!

This month Start2 is 3 years old! We love to hear how you’ve been using Start2 and how it’s benefiting you and people you know. It’s fantastic to know that Start2 is being used all over the world in a broad variety of ways, benefiting individuals, groups and other organisations and the services they deliver.

“I found Start2 just before the New Year and had been feeling depressed and de-motivated for months. I started using Start2 and felt better within a few days - more motivated and happier. I set goals for the new year which I succeeded in completing, used the mindfulness tools, have sent postcards and animations to friends and family and tracking my mood I find it has continued to improve. - it has been amazing…”


We love to hear how you’ve been using Start2 and how it’s benefiting you and others you know. 


Start2 On the Road - THINKphysical Manchester Mental Health Festival

Participants at the THINKphysical: Manchester Mental Health Festival took part in a 3-hour workshop with Start2. We discussed how physical activity benefits us as individuals and the difficulties faced in undertaking physical activity, in particular if someone is suffering from anxiety, depression or other physical and mental health issues that could prevent or hold them back from being physically active. The group was given the difficult task of putting what was discussed into a short animation, created over an hour period. One participant shared her inspiration which she found encouraging and helpful, ‘Every one little decision is important,’ giving the example of getting off a bus one stop earlier to walk home, or choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift at work. The group agreed that it was the little steps taken in eating healthily or doing physical activities that motivated and encouraged them. They felt that it was important to do something when it was right for the individual, and described this as ‘capturing the moment.’ 


“I loved it! It’s something so creative that I had never thought of doing but I can’t wait to get home and try it out with my camera. I liked the creativity and us all trying to think of a message together to capture in images with light.”


“I liked being creative again after a long time. I liked learning something new. I liked having an animation made of a phrase that’s important to me.”


“Loved it! Thank you.”


“I enjoyed learning how the ‘capturing’ of the lights work.”


Find out more about Start2 on the Road here.

Love Parks Week – 24th July-2nd August 2015

Here in the UK it’s Love Parks Week. Each year they raise awareness of the importance of parks and green spaces. 

Join in the celebration of green spaces in your area (UK). 

Start2 has plenty of out and about activities you can do whilst you’re there and we’ve put together some suggestions below…


Family friendly activities

With the summer holidays coming up here are some enjoyable, free activities for anyone looking after children this summer (and anyone who isn’t!). Simply register (free, easy and private) and/or log in and download and print activities (PDF downloads are found on the All you need to know about this activity page of each activity).

Out and about…
Making Faces in Places

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Ten-minute Walk – Photography

Taking Rubbings


And if you’re not in the UK get out and find a park or green space anyway and try these activities!

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Each activity on Start2 comes under one of three wellbeing themes, which each have a gallery:
Brain Boosting 

Stress Busting 

Lifestyle Coaching


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