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2016 / January

Step by step, day by day…

For many of us the New Year means new life* and we set about making changes we’d like to make to our lives where we are able. There are many benefits that can be gained from working towards goals, such as feeling empowered and more in charge of life, feeling energised and inspired,experiencing a sense of accomplishment and experiencing increased confidence. It can be easy to get carried away with the spring clean and become overwhelmed with the task. This goal setting activity keeps it simple and realistic, helping us to take charge, break down goals and measure our progress.

We’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again that if we write down a goal, and spend time creating a plan for achieving it, we are more likely to be successful than if we just think about a goal.

In your own private Ownzone you can track progress, and add regular updates of those small, yet significant triumphs. (You’ll need to sign in or register to do this if you have not already done so. Registration is quick, easy and private).


The elixir of life?

This positive thinking activity can be a great way to start the year in the office, at home, with others or on your own. Add daily, weekly or monthly messages to boost mood and raise a smile.

You can complete this both as an online interactive happiness bottle in your own private Ownzone or create your own happiness bottle by recycling a jar or tin. The benefit of this is you can decorate using your own unique papers inspired by listening to your favourite music? 


Savouring a Pleasant Experience

Studies in the field of positive psychology have shown that we can enhance the wellbeing benefits of pleasant experiences, such as joy, contentment, and appreciation, by savouring them.
Savouring is the act of mindfully paying attention to the positive feelings associated with a pleasurable experience. When we savour a pleasant experience, our bodies are flooded with “feel good” hormones that reduce stress and calm the nervous system.  Sound good? Why not try this mindfulness activity daily or weekly over the next few weeks.


Did you know?

You can bookmark your favourite activities to come back to again and again. Simply click on the 'Save this exercise to your favourites' button found in the 'What next?' page at the end of every activity. You'll find your bookmarked favourites in your Ownzone.


Best wishes


The Start2 team


*The accompanying photograph was taken in January! #Newlife