Start2 videos:

We have a number of video guides to demonstrate techniques and to show step-by-step instructions to our activities.  All videos are subtitled with audio, and include downloadable (printable) PDF guides to accompany the videos. Click on the title of the video to be taken directly to your desired activity.


Watch our short ‘How to Collage’ instruction videos for ideas. You can create a collage whilst following the videos or use them as ideas to go away with and use for any of our collaging activities.  
We suggest that you watch the videos in order. Click here.


Create a Paper Crafted Daisy

Watch our short ‘Paper Crafting’ instruction videos for step-by-step guide to creating a paper crafted daisy. You can follow the instructions whilst following the video or print off our instruction guide. Click here.

Paint a Simple Landscape

Create beautiful samples using easy and effective techniques in this step-by-step activity. Build your decision-making skills and broaden your own palette of techniques. Choose from your favourite techniques to paint a small landscape. 

This activity is a great introduction to some painting tricks for a beginner or anyone curious about painting and picking up new skills. You can follow our step-by-step video guide for watercolour landscapes here.


Tools and Techniques - Drawing

Learn to make marks with all kinds of implements to get varied and sometimes, unexpected effects. 


Make Marks to Music - Drawing

Follow this making marks exercise to practise drawing a wide range of expressive marks with confidence, using music. Explore marks that express a response to musical sounds. Rather than drawing what you can see, you’ll draw what you feel. Develop your personal ‘vocabulary’ of marks to become more expressive in drawing. Click here.


Stitching Video Guides
Learn new stitches or refresh your memory with our Stitching Guides, designed to work with our 'Stitch Memory Journal' and 'Stitch a Bird on Paper' activities. 


Draw an Object 

Learn new techniques and sharpen existing skills.  Build confidence with drawing proficiency and create accurate drawings from observation. Click here.