Strengthen Your Thinking - Sculpted Poetry and Triolets - Creative Writing

About the exercise

This exercise is split into stages. You’ll create a five line poem from found text. You will then create a Triolet using your five line poem. We’ll explain what a Triolet is later. To begin with, we need to think about “Sculpted Poetry”.


What is Sculpted Poetry?

Sculpted Poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other writing and reframing them as poetry. It normally uses factual writing like news reports, instruction manuals or non-fiction books. You wouldn’t usually write a sculpted poem from a piece of creative writing as that could be seen as stealing! Words may be added or taken away. The Sculpted Poem will be a new piece of writing which has changed the meaning of the original.

You can use the same original text over and over to create different poems.




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