Strengthen Your Thinking - Sculpted Poetry and Triolets - Creative Writing

What is a Triolet?

A Triolet is type of ‘Formal Poem.’ A Formal Poem is one which has certain rules about how it is made, for example, the number of lines, the lines that are used, the rhythm that is used, etc.

A Triolet is an eight line poem which uses repetition and, in its original form, rhyme to create patterns. It is a medieval French form which goes back to the 13th century. To begin with, we are going to create a triolet which doesn't rhyme. Later, if you feel confident, you can try to write a triolet that rhymes. The rules about the rhyme scheme used in a triolet are at the end of this worksheet.


Why use this technique?

Creating Triolets can give us more confidence with poetry and introduces to the use of patterns in poetry, and builds up skills and techniques that we can use.


View our examples below:


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