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2015 / May

This month we’re looking at mindfulness.


Mental Health Awareness Week - 11-17th May

This year focuses on Mindfulness. Find out what’s happening near you.



What is mindfulness?

So often we’re caught up in our thoughts, thinking about past events, worrying, planning things we need to do, that we miss our experience of being in the present. Mindfulness involves purposefully bringing awareness to our present moment, with a quality of warmth, kindness, curiosity, and spaciousness.


How can mindfulness help?

Research tells us regular practice of mindfulness can bring many benefits such as managing stress, pain, anxiety and low mood. By being mindful we can connect more to our senses and enrich the way we experience the world around us.


What next?

Listen to and download audio tracks from our Start2 Be Mindful section to take with you wherever you go. Choose from practical mindful exercises to help build resilience and understand emotions.


Getting started - Take a brief pause

Take 3 minutes out and bring your awareness to the present moment. Go back to whatever you may have been doing refreshed and ready.


Observe a flower

Take 5 minutes out with just you and nature. Use a pot plant or go to your local park.


Savouring a Pleasant Experience

Studies in the field of positive psychology have shown that we can enhance the wellbeing benefits of pleasant experiences, such as joy, contentment, and appreciation, by savouring them.


Savouring is the act of mindfully paying attention to the positive feelings associated with a pleasurable experience. When we savour a pleasant experience, our bodies are flooded with “feel good” hormones that reduce stress and calm the nervous system.


Try this simple reflecting activity to remind yourself of the positives in your day.


Start Noticing at Manchester Art Gallery 

For those of you lucky to be in Manchester there will be a take notice session at Manchester Art Gallery on Thursday 21st May 5.15pm and 6pm. Meet in the main entrance. This is a great way to explore some of the artworks there, especially if you’re new to the gallery.


“It was so relaxing, a good atmosphere. I felt very, very relaxed after the session I felt good afterwards”
Mindfulness Participant


“Looking at the picture makes your mind focus on something other than your problems.” Mindfulness Participant


“Mindfulness helps you to develop focus and concentration and I was surprised how my awareness developed the longer I looked at the image.” Mindfulness Participant


Best wishes


The Start2 team