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2015 / October

World Mental Health Day - Saturday 10th October

We all have mental health and need ways and means to boost and maintain positive mental health. Using Start2 activities is the perfect way to do this and can be used either on your own or with others. Here’s a selection of mood boosting activities for the season… 


Notice this autumn…


Take a mindful walk

Studies have shown that being mindful can help us in a variety of ways.  Through the practice of mindfulness we can manage stress more effectively. We can notice and connect more to our surroundings, cultivating a richer appreciation of the world around us, which is proven to benefit our wellbeing.

Mindfulness involves purposefully bringing awareness to our present moment, with a quality of warmth, kindness, curiosity, and spaciousness. Mindfully pausing throughout the day is a beneficial way of bringing a few moments of stillness into busy lives. In this way, we give ourselves permission to take time out and connect with our here and now experience. #Bemindful #noticeyoursurroundings 

You can download the audio file here to take with you on a walk. 

Autumn Shapes
Create your own guide to autumn with this noticing activity. Identify trees by their shape, their leaves and the texture of their bark. Notice the beautiful shapes of nature in this autumn nature hunt. #Noticeyoursurroundings #feelrelaxed #keeponlearning


Draw a Leaf or Flower
Boost mood and vitamin D levels with this short outdoor activity*. Look closely at details in nature and draw what you see.

#improvedecisionmaking #noticeyoursurroundings


*if it’s raining you can still do this activity using a pot plant or cut flowers


Autumn Leaves – Creative Writing
Explore the seasons and your imagination with these art and poetry appreciation activities. Discover how to use artwork as an inspiration for your creative writing. Build confidence in your writing skills by giving your brain a welcomed workout as you develop simple descriptive words to a short poem or piece of writing. 
#improvedecisionmaking #improveproblemsolvingskills #clearthinking


My Media Album

Did you know that you can preserve and share happy memories using the Start2 Media Album. Upload photos to create a slideshow, add sound effects, sound tracks & text. You could use images of pieces of work you’ve created from the Start2 activity suggestions above. Store them in your Ownzone to look back at, or make a special album to share and brighten someone else’s day.


We hope you enjoy this months suggested activities.

Best wishes

The Start2 team