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Table Top Landscapes


It’s not always possible to get out and take great landscape photographs. Foul weather, lack of transport and complaining children are among the many reasons that make us feel we would rather stay put for the day.
An alternative to braving the elements is to create a Tabletop Landscape in the comfort of your own home. You can photograph it at your leisure and even enjoy a nice cup of tea at the same time.

Be inventive with what you’ve got to hand and create fantastic landscapes using everyday objects. Click here.


Media Album

Preserve happy memories using our Media Album. Upload photos to create a slideshow, add sound effects, sound tracks & text & share with others.



Making Faces in Places

Giving to others and connecting to others are known to benefit our wellbeing – and this can be done in the simplest of ways. Often when we walk down the street and see someone smiling, or are smiling ourselves, that smile is passed on.


Pass on a smile with this fun ‘Be Active’ activity, creating faces in places and recording your creations. 


Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Want to be more active and need inspiration?

Looking for ways to exercise your powers of observation?

Want to challenge yourself to take different photographs?


Said yes to any or all of the above? Do this fabulous photographic scavenger hunt on your own or in a pair as a relaxing activity; or up the challenge and play with teams – first team to finish is the winner!


Ten-minute Walk

How often do we walk past somewhere, busy thinking, talking or texting and not really noticing our surroundings?

Do our 'Ten-minute walk' photography activity. Upload to our online media album. Share with friends and family or submit to our 'Stress Busting' Communal Gallery.


Mindfulness - A Short Photographic Walk

How often do you walk somewhere, busy thinking, talking, texting and not really noticing your surroundings…?  This audio exercise will help you to see your environment in a different way.