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A collage is a picture made by assembling different materials such as paper, fabric and ‘found’ objects. Collage is also a good way to recycle materials in a creative way. Click on the title to take you to the collage activity of your choice.


Portrait of You

Use your own hand as a symbol to represent yourself.
Explore an aspect of yourself linked to your wellbeing and produce a unique collage. Click here.

Four of a Kind

Create an easy and effective design using recycled materials. Learn new techniques and build on your problem solving skills. Click here.


Express an Idea

Build your ‘creative confidence.’ Learn how to devise your own design using simple templates. Explore ways to express an idea using these templates. Experiment with craft and recycled materials to make your work unique. Click here.


Wondrous Words Word Cloud

Create an expressive and unique card for a special person using your old magazines and newspapers (called ‘up-cycling’).

Take time out for yourself with this absorbing activity, connect with a friend or loved one by focusing on their qualities and strengths and build confidence when using words.

Recipe For a Good Mood Collage

Design and create a unique and personal collage inspired by your written Recipe For a Good Mood. Gain tips for how to illustrate feelings, how to visualize your ingredients, how to cut, tear and glue to your satisfaction.
We’d recommend that you do the ‘Write Your Recipe For a Good Mood’ activity before doing this collage activity, so that you have a Recipe to illustrate. Click here.


Create Your Own Collage Papers

Creating your own collage papers is fun, easy and much cheaper than buying fancy papers.  In this exercise you’ll get hints on how to create three different types of decorative papers using: Collage, Mark Making and Rubbings. Click here.


Travel Journal

Instead of taking photos, keeping a sketchbook or writing a diary, this travel journal is a scrapbook-style memoir of your travel experiences. You don’t need to be able to draw, or be a whiz at creative writing or photography. Learn how to capture your experiences visually, using recycled materials you can pick up easily when out and about. Click here.


Exploring Words

Explore ways of expressing an idea through the use of words and simple shapes in this simple yet effective collage exercise. Click here.


Make a Paper Crafted Daisy 

This is 3-Dimensional work. Create a beautiful daisy using re-cycled or homemade papers. Add a word to inspire you. Give to a friend or keep in a place where you can see it daily a boost mood. Click here.

Taking Rubbings

Ever wondered how the world might look from the perspective of an ant? How would we perceive the world if we had to rely on our sense of touch? This exercise will help you see the world with fresh eyes and appreciate details you’ve never noticed before. Create unique papers to use in your artwork. Click here.


Collaging Video

Watch our short ‘How to Collage’ instruction videos for ideas. You can create a collage whilst following the videos or use them as ideas to go away with and use.
  We suggest that you watch the videos in order. Click here.