Consultation and Training:

If you’re a health or social care professional, Start2 gives you a resource at your fingertips that will support the wellbeing of those with whom you work. Creative activities put together by experts will offer a complement to other forms of care and treatment.

Start2 offers face-to-face consultations for organisations and services looking:

  • to enhance patient care 
  • to reduce pressure on services 
  • for evidence-based activities 


We will work with you to design creative workshops using activities that are evidenced to protect, repair and develop mental health. Suitable for any age and ability, the choices of activity are wide.

Teams in the Trust: working with you we can advise and direct you on the best activities to suit your service needs. Use these activities in your activity groups and ward work as off-the-peg specialist therapeutic resources in which you can place full confidence.  We also offer training in using the Start2 resource to gain the most from it.


"Our reason for using Start2 is that it is a tailor made package which meets our needs.  We wanted to deliver a range of therapeutic interventions at the centre, which would be appropriate for a range of people with varying levels of need and preferences... and it had to be evidence based and measurable.  We really didn't know where to start. Then the Start2 team introduced us to Start2 and it was perfect! The short sessions are ideal for our service users who have difficulty engaging for lengthy periods. The various activities are clearly associated with wellbeing benefits, underpinned by evidence, which has saved us an awful lot of work.  There’s a Wellbeing Thermometer [based on the shortened Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale] and this enables us to measure progress.  I want service users to go home feeling that they have achieved something, and this will help us to move in the right direction."


Melanie Brown, Service manager from Young Onset Dementia Service, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust 


Michelle Bennett, Acting Clinical Practice Lead, Inpatient Ward Park House wanted to offer inpatients meaningful and enjoyable activities during their time on the ward. She also wanted patients to be able to use such activities for themselves, once they’d left the ward environment, as a preventative, and as part of their personal recovery plan:

"Start2 is easy to use with lots of ideas for our service users on Acacia Unit. The resource provides something for everyone particularly the goal and recovery-focused activities. Start2 has enabled us to run a 6-week creative wellbeing course.  We plan to use Start2 as a creative way for our service users to interact, set and achieve goals and generally aid them in their recovery journey.  We will continue to use Start2 activities on the ward in the future based on feedback from service users."


The staff team behind Start2 work within the NHS creative wellbeing service Start, part of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust. The team is multi-disciplinary, made up of expert Creative Wellbeing Artists, an Occupational Therapist and an Educational Arts specialist. Start has an international reputation in the field of Arts for Health and has won national, local and NHS awards.  The Start model has been described by The Centre for Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine as a unique model of working and best practice in the arts and mental health field.   Start has developed within the NHS for over 25 years and is able to show a solid evidence base and outstanding continuity of practice.


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