Start2 Creative Self Help Clinics

Would you benefit from relaxation in everyday life?

Would you benefit from the challenge to learn something new and creative?

Are you feeling in need of support and help with low mood, anxiety or other health issues?


About The Start2 Creative Self Help Clinic:

Start2 is offering Creative Self Help Clinics to people who want to improve their mental health.

The clinic sessions are held at Start, Cornbrook Enterprise Centre. You’ll have a one to one appointment with a Start2 worker who’ll help you develop a starter programme of healthy activities to suit you and your lifestyle. Start2 can be used alongside existing treatments, and is ideal if you’re on a waiting list for other therapies and feel you would benefit from help of this kind.


“What will I get out of Creative Self-help clinics?” 


The aim of the ‘Creative Self Help Clinic’ is to:

  • Show you how doing a little bit of creative activity regularly can boost your mood and benefit your health 
  • Build your confidence in using the Start2 online service as a way of caring for your mental health long term
  • Help you create a personal selection of activities that will benefit your mental health
  • Give you ways of taking charge of your mental health in an easy, enjoyable way 

The Start2 Creative Self-help clinics will offer you:

  • Weekly one-to-one 45 minute sessions for six weeks 
  • Email contact in between the one-to-one clinics to support and encourage you in doing Start2 activities outside of the sessions
  • A collection of activity sheets chosen by you, for you to use as often as you like and to keep once your clinic sessions have finished 

"Start2 is helping me develop my skills I haven’t used in a very long time. It is helping me to bring myself out of depression. " Start2 user

“What will I be doing?”

Over an eight week period you’ll attend six one-to-one Creative Clinics. You will:

  • be guided to set a personal goal (an aim) around what you would like to get out of the sessions
  • be introduced to Start2 
  • fill in two short wellbeing measure to help tailor sessions to your individual needs and interests 
  • try a short creative activity based on your individual needs and interests
  • be given weekly bite-sized activities to try at home
  • receive a ‘toolkit’ of activities to suit you at the end of the course
  • be asked to give a short evaluation of your experience of doing the course
  • receive a telephone call two weeks after completion of the course to see how you are continuing to use Start2
  • receive an email after one month to fill in a short anonymous feedback form about how you are using Start2


“Who can refer me?” 


  • You
  • Your care co-ordinator 
  • Your GP

Acceptance criteria:

  • If you already have a Care Co-ordinator or are attending outpatients appointments you can be referred to Start2 Creative Self Help Clinics
  • Start2 Creative Clinics have been devised for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and/or a lack of daily routine/structure
  • We are not able to accommodate those in crisis at this time
  • In order to offer the best advice and support Start2 is looking for people who have a desire to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing
  • Permission is needed for Start2 to contact you directly via ‘phone for an initial chat to ensure this is the best service for you, and to accommodate any other needs
  • You will be required to attend six sessions
  • You will need an email address prior to starting the course
  • No previous creative/artistic experience is necessary
  • Access to a computer at home is ideal but not necessary
  • You can attend sessions with a carer or support worker
  • A good level of English is desirable, as all materials are currently only in English. 


"Being creative today has really helped me to relax and reduce feelings of anxiety. I was able to focus and concentrate on what I was doing, rather than what I was feeling. " Creative Wellbeing Workshop participant

For more information: Contact info -at- or call Start on 07773 363 089