Creative Wellbeing Workshops:

Start2 provides a range of expertly designed creative workshops for professionals, for service users, for students, for inpatients, and for the public. Our workshops can offer training to staff, and a health-boosting experience to people using services. We will share with you a range of accessible creative wellbeing activities that have been proven to benefit mental and physical wellbeing. Workshops can be tailored to suit you and the people with whom you work.  Start2’s creative workshops show that caring for your wellbeing can be both enjoyable and inspirational. Our workshops share multiple routes to self-care that are truly unique and effective. Workshops inspire, encourage, relax, challenge, and offer sustainable ways to support you. 

"It has been one of the most relaxing and inspiring workshops I have attended. Everyone can discover new abilities through this workshop."

Workshop Participant

"It's always quite challenging to think of new exciting and engaging ways to encourage service user's creativity and improve their wellbeing. I was really pleased to welcome Start2 to one of our events, and the activities introduced were very popular. I have no artistic background myself, but I'm always really keen to try new things and Start2 really inspired me to try new things within my role."

Kate Hardy, Wellbeing Officer Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Manchester


We offer:

  • One off workshops 
  • Time limited workshops, for example weekly for 6 weeks 


‘Being creative’ isn't only about artistic ability.  Creativity in its broadest sense is more to do with the wider ability to ask questions, make unusual connections and come up with imaginative approaches to situations, to problems, and to life. Quite simply, opening ourselves up to live life more creatively allows us to see things differently and can benefit us in all areas of our life.


  • Build communication skills
  • Manage stress
  • Build skills to cross over into all aspects of life
  • Learn ways to boost and maintain wellbeing
  • Express yourself
  • Relax and enjoy yourself
  • Connect to others
  • Develop new thinking skills to build positive life skills
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Boost focus and concentration
  • Learn new things - challenge yourself

Who we work with:

We work with a range of community groups and organisations using bespoke workshops designed with you in mind. So whether you’re looking for ways to manage depression and anxiety or want to give an opportunity to those you work with to relax and get to know one another we can provide what you’re looking for.

"The workshop was excellent.  It was very well thought out, planned and implemented, delivered in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. The workshop was tailored for our client group and fit the bill perfectly.  The clients were very enthusiastic about the it, learned some new skills and had fun." 

Barrie Plaiter, Early Intervention Team, Manchester

"Very enjoyable and theraputic. Thank you."

Workshop participant 

"Working with Start2 was a very positive experience - one which we would like to repeat. The workshop was popular and clearly benefited those who took part. The philosophy of using creativity to enhance emotional health is one that we strongly promote as part of our online early intervention service. Working together allowed us to benefit from the Start2 expertise and add value to the service we provide for people experiencing emotional and psychological health problems, as well as raising awareness of a great resource."

Ann Dix, Editor - Big White Wall

"You were right about a creative activity being able to reduce feelings of anxiety. I’ve spent all afternoon creating collages and I was able to focus and concentrate on what I was doing, rather than what I was feeling.  It really helped me to relax."

Workshop participant 


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