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Ten-minute Walk

Nipping out for a sandwich or meeting? Why not try one of our activities to benefit body and mind?

How often do we walk past somewhere, busy thinking, talking or texting and not really noticing our surroundings?

Try our ‘Ten-minute walk’ photography activity. You can do this activity, as a simple noticing activity, without a camera. Pushed for time? Try a five-minute walk instead. Outdoor activities have proven health benefits.  Being outdoors can help improve physical fitness, increase our concentration, boost our happiness and increase our vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D is essential for maintaining good health.


Wellbeing benefits:

Feel optimistic 

Improve decision making 

Feel relaxed 


Examples of how this activity can benefit me:

I want to keep my mind in the present and ‘enjoy the moment’ more.

I want to find fun and enjoyable ways of building more physical activity into my week. 


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