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September news

10th September 2015

Start2 Live Life More Creatively - Creative Self-Help Clinics

Start2 offers one-to-one creative programmes with people looking to boost and maintain wellbeing through use of creative activities, mindfulness and occupation therapy exercises. 45-minute to an hour sessions are tailored to the individual to work towards a goal of their choice. Read more here.

"I feel more confident having done the creative clinic. I feel more able to talk to people about things that are worrying me."

"The creative clinics have given me structure and helped reduce my anxiety. I’m using the Start2 activities now the clinics have finished to help me feel calmer."

"The creative clinics have given me something to look forward to in the week and given me somewhere to express feelings in a safe way. The sessions have developed my positivity, rather than just focusing on difficult things I have used creativity to explore the things I like. The sessions are a very creative approach to mental health that doesn’t stigmatise or alienate people."


If you’re interested in Creative Clinics or group workshops please contact us here


September Stress Busting

In recent news we’ve heard that it’s recommended that NHS staff be offered exercise classes and health food options at work to tackle work absences and general health of workers.
You can use Start2 to keep stress at bay in the workplace using free, simple, short activities in micro-breaks (30 seconds to 5 minutes) or lunch breaks. 


September suggestions

Out and about

With 12 days until the start of autumn (in the UK) savour the summer with our ten-minute walk activity. 


Almost all places have a gallery. When was the last time you went to one? Going to an art gallery can be a great thing to do to lift your spirits. Galleries are often free. Look at artwork in different ways. Find out more about yourself and your opinions. Build your confidence in talking about artwork. Print off our ‘Visiting a Gallery’ activities to take with you.


Activities for the inevitable rainy day 

Can You Bottle Happiness? Happiness means different things to different people. What lifts your spirits? What makes you laugh or smile? Create your own happiness bottle to lift your spirits on those grey days. 
You could even create your own happiness bottle or tin (as seen above in the image accompanying this newsletter).

Up-cycle your junk mail, magazines and newspapers. Explore ways of expressing an idea through the use of words and simple shapes in this simple yet effective collage exercise


Our Creative Writing Communal Flip Book

Did you know that you can create your own private Start2 Creative Writing Flip Book and/or upload and share your creative writing with other Start2 users in our Creative Writing Communal Collection
Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned writer we’ve some fantastic creative writing activities to choose from which can be done over and over to create different results each time.
We look forward to reading your pieces of work.


Best wishes 

The Start2 team