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2015 / December

We’re not convinced that December got the memo yet. No atmospheric snow scenes for you to photograph or winter berries to identify. But here at Start2 we do have lots of enjoyable creative activities for those rainy days with ideas for creating unique cards and/or gifts for the festive season.


Express yourself 

This wondrous words word cloud activity has double whammy benefits. Not only do you get to take time out and absorb yourself this relaxing activity, but you can also create a unique and expressive gift for a friend or loved one. In addition giving to others is known to boost not only the recipients mood but our own too. 



We’d like to say ‘well done’ to our friends at the THINKPhysical festival who won the patient engagement award category at the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Awards 2015.

In July we told you about the THINKPhysical festival, where Start2 took part of running a creative workshop that incorporated enjoyable, physical activity (it does exist!). Why not try some of our short enjoyable creative physical activities yourself, here.

Read more about THINKPhysical here.

Watch the animation created in the  two-hour Start2 workshop here.

Book your own workshop with Start2 using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Research into the benefits of technology-based treatments 

Are you interested in taking part in to research into technology-based mental health treatments?

Technology is increasingly being used to support the delivery of treatments for mental health problems. Researchers at the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research, at Lancaster University are interested in speaking to people that have used a technology-based treatment for their mental health in the past six months. Read more and contact details here.


Seasons greetings


The Start2 team.