Be Curious - Taking Rubbings

Step 2: Collecting textures from your home


Collecting textures from your home


  • You can use the template available or use a blank piece of paper  
  • Lay the paper as flat as possible on the textured surface
  • Secure it with a couple of pieces of sticky tape, to stop it moving as you work
  • Using the edge of the sharpened pencil (not the pencil tip!), rub the pencil with firm even pressure across the paper to reveal the texture. See above photo if you’re unsure
  • To begin with, try and fill an area about 10cm x 10cm or you can use our rubbings template
  • If you are taking a rubbing of a small item such as a coin, repeat the rubbing to fill a larger area of your paper, thus building up a pattern
  • Make a note of what your textures are and where you got them from underneath your sample. You may want to go back and make more rubbings of your favourite texture.  Take care if you are working on a precious surface, not to accidentally mark it by going off the paper

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